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Gerbing MicroWirePRO Outdoor Touch Heated Glove Liners

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A very comfortable liner made with an exceptionally soft and supple Lycra that contours to the hand. The design is simple but effective.

Firm fitting stretch fabric allows for a snug fit as these gloves are designed to be worn under existing gloves or mitts.

Integrated push button control with three heat settings and LED indicator.  

Recommended for use under regular riding gloves.

  1. Utilises our European patent pending heating technology — the most efficient and durable heating technology ever developed.
  2. Heats entire length of each finger, including the thumb, as well as the back of the hand.
  3. Lifetime warranty on the heating elements.
  4. Comes complete with battery hook-up and long Y- cable.
  5. Requires connection to 12v vehicle battery, Gerbing jacket or optional Gerbing battery packs.
  6. Not compatible with Gerbing Dual Temperature Controller. 
  7. If using with a Gerbing Heated Jacket, you must use the Gerbing Portable Digital Controller.

Note: With heated gloves it is important to ensure that there is no tension/rubbing across the knuckle area before use to prevent 'hot spots'. Therefore we advise that you tale the next size up if you are on the cusp of a larger size.


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